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King Abdulaziz International Airport

Briman Strategic Water Reservoir

King Abdulaziz International Airport - Jeddah

Project Name :supply automation SCADA and PLCs System

Scope of work:

500,000 m³ capacity of domestic water are treated by KAIA RO plant, seven stages of ultra-filtration process to make sure that outcome water are fine to be used domestically at the Airport terminal.

Our scope of work, to supply automation SCADA and PLCs from Schneider Electric, as well to design a flawless logic and graphics using Hyprid DCS software from SE. The SCADA is also integrated with Water Utility Master SCADA at the Airport, providing information and data necessary for central monitoring and control from Master control station.

Briman Strategic Water Reservoir - Jeddah

Project Name : monitoring and controlling for instrumentation sets and valves actuators

Scope of work:

The 11 water tanks, are the most strategic reservoir of water supply to Jeddah City. We ensured that water flow and reserve process is maintained fault free with complete monitoring and controlling for instrumentation sets and valves actuators.

Our Schneider premium PLCs and MCCs were design with high reliability of redundancy, to make sure serving control and monitor logic with minimum zero downtime. In order to avoid any shortage of water supply to the city