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King Abdulaziz International Airport

Al-Haramain High Speed Rail

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ( KAUST )

King Abdulaziz International Airport - Jeddahl

Project Name : Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS) of Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) at KAIA Jeddah.

Scope of work:

A major automation scope of design, engineering, and programming for a diligent set of high availability redundant PLCs from Schneider Electric.

M580 PACs from Schneider electric are the automation backbone of Low voltage and medium voltage substations including stand-by generators; making sure that generation of electrical power is steady and resilient to serve the busy Airport terminal building, at Jeddah.

A number of 55 transformer centres are fully automated using our tailored design of PLC panels, according to Atkins design and supervised by DAR Al-Handasa.

Dedicated logic with multiple critical Scenarios is programmed, and direct software integration with downstream metring devices, protection equipment, circuit breakers and generators; to give the Master SCADA all data needed for fast and accurate decision-making procedure

Al-Haramain High Speed Rail - Mecca

Project Name : CCMS Application for the strategic project of Al-Haramain high speed rail

Scope of work:

control and monitor MV and LV equipment related to power critical energy related to High Speed rail, using Schneider SCADA and PACs technology. A set of 8 LV stations and four 13.8 KV MV switch gears are fully monitored and controlled through critical power SCADA software.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ( KAUST ) - Thuwal

Project Name : PMS Expansion phase 1 “Upgrade of Power monitoring system“

Scope of work:

The project is an outstanding remark of the latest EcoStruxure power monitoring system from Schneider Electric 2021 software, with many other add-on modules that makes it much easier for the end user to real-time monitor power quality events, also be able to model of energy usage as per ISO standards to be able to track and understand the consumption patterns to the smallest detail, and provides an effective energy shadow bill against SEC utility bill. The software is also equipped with an event notification system, that allows facility management team to receive all events and alarms over their emails and SMS system.

The Powerful software cannot be effective unless it is equipped with the most accurate energy analyser in the world, the ION9000 from Schneider electric.

The project also includes an upgrade of all existing outdated power monitoring and energy monitoring devices, with the latest ION9000 Energy analyser, the ION9000 is a class 0.1 ANSI standard “highest accurate power meter ever exists” and is most suitable for shadow billing against electricity providers such as SEC.  The ION9000 is equipped with advanced power quality features to sense the fastest power quality events such as flickers, swags and swells that happens in microseconds, and most dangerous to electronic and laboratory devices, it can sense these power fluctuations as it has a wavelength capture feature up to resolution of 1024 sambaing rate, highest knows specs with its competitors. The ION9000 can communicate all that micro second event on the reliable ION protocol that is time stamped and do not miss an event, no matter how fast it is

EHS team in collaboration with Power centre Services team, ensures a Complete installation of 97 ION9000 at 6 Medium voltage substations that are powering university Shahin Campus, laboratories, residential and other facilities.