Building Automation systems, Security and low current system

VOX Cinema

Bahra Electric

Technical & Vocational Training Colleges

Cinemas at Multiple Saudi Arabia Cities

Project Name :Schneider EcoStruxure Building Operation system

Scope of work:

Our Schneider EcoStruxure Building Operation system is the core BMS of many cinemas in Saudia Arabia. The intelligent BMS system is connected to fully monitor and control various types of HVAC set-ups whether Chilled water based or Direct expansion based. As well, all Cinema`s assets such as electrical panel boards, elevators and light current systems are under full monitoring and control.

As well, Honeywell Fire alarm and BOSCH public address systems were executed at those terminals.

This is to ensure that, busy cinema terminals are fully served with excellent experience to the audience, and maximum comfort and safety while enjoying their favorite movies

Executed cinemas:

VOX Front Mall, VOX Atyaf Mall, VOX Al Qaser Mall, VOX West Avenue, VOX Raka Mall, Empire Salam, Empire Khuris, Cinapolis al Jama, VOX al Jamaa, Empire Arar, AMCS Star Avenue, AMC Azizia, Dawadmi, Hafr Al Batin and many more.


Project Name :Central Fire Alarm and Detection system

Scope of work:

A mega security project for smart fire detection was executed at Bahra electric plant of 9 different factories and warehouses.

From BOSCH security, we ensure to design and build a flawless fire alarm system that can report any small fire or smoke incident. With central monitoring station, stablished at firefighting control room, the fire fighting officers can know about any alarm anywhere at plant in real time.

System is composed of 13 mega panels, more than 3000 detectors, 170 beam detectors and 18 Video based intelligent Fire alarm cameras.

Project was design and build by Electric House Systems

Technical and Vocational Training Colleges

Project Name : Supply, testing and commissioning of BMS and low current systems

Scope of work:

Supply, testing and commissioning of BMS and low current systems to various colleges of technical and vocational training colleges at multiple cities in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh, Aflag, Qunfoza, Abha, Al namas, Jeddah, Al Wageh and many more.