VOX Cinemas

Riyadh Front , Alqasr Mall & Alajamea Square

Project Name : Fire Alarm System

Scope of work:

Main critical issue in Cinemas are life safety, as many people are gathering in one place that is soundproof well isolated auditoriums from outside noises , with no lights on & for at least two hours, the critical condition is how to eliminate false alarms & if fire happens how to manage to evacuate people.

Therefore, we used the double knock strategy in detection a fire, the strategy goes as follows: once a detector provides a fire signal the panel will wait for several minutes to give authorized personnel to investigate the fire, if no response happened from authorized personnel or another detector give a fire signal the fire alarm panel will enter evacuation mode. in evacuation mode the panel will shutdown the projectors with sound system in the auditoriums & broadcast an evacuation massage through the Voice Alarm System.